New Things Coming to Naggiar…

Welcome to the first posting on the Naggiar Vineyards blog!  We thought a great way to kick it off would be to announce an exciting development here at Naggiar.  This month, Sir Timothy Sainsbury of London, England, became an investor/partner in Naggiar Vineyards.   The addition of the capital that Sir Timothy brings to Naggiar allows Mike to fully realize his vision for Naggiar Vineyards and Winery.  What this means for our loyal patrons is more of what you already love about Naggiar:  expansion of the already beautiful tasting room, more concerts, additions to the landscaping and vineyards, and most importantly, expanding our presence in the market, so that there is greater accessibility for buying our wines as well as reaching more potential buyers.  This partnership will allow Naggiar to flourish to its full potential.

As you may be wondering, just who is Sir Timothy Sainsbury and how did he come to enter into a partnership with Naggiar?  Those of you reading this who are familiar with the United Kingdom may recognize the name Sainsbury as a supermarket chain there.  Sir Timothy’s great-grandparents established the markets back in the mid-1800’s and Sir Timothy worked in the family business until he decided to step down to pursuer a career in politics. Sir Timothy was a member of Parliament from 1973-1997 as a junior minister, holding a number of Ministerial posts.  For his service, he was awarded a knighthood in 1995, hence, Sir Timothy.  He is married to Lady Susan Sainsbury and they have four adult children.

As an enthusiastic owner of many agricultural properties in his native England, Sir Timothy has looked to California for agricultural investment opportunities in the U.S.  Winemaker Derek Irwin, who had met Sir Timothy on a previous project, introduced him to Mike thinking it could lead to a mutually beneficial relationship.  Naggiar presented an ideal investment opportunity- an up-and-coming wine region that would grow as an investment, not only making money from an agricultural standpoint, but also in the wine market as well.

Sir Timothy and Lady Susan met with Mike and Diane last week for the first time to get to know one another and start planning ways to make the Naggiar experience even that much better (olive groves and amphitheaters were tossed around).  Suffice to say, the future looks bright indeed.

Be sure to check our blog for postings on all the exciting things to come!


About dwdirwin

Wife of Naggiar Vineyards winemaker Derek Irwin, mother to 4 active kids and one dog and newbie blogger!
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4 Responses to New Things Coming to Naggiar…

  1. erin t says:

    Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging, but where are the photos? Naggiar is so stunning, can’t wait to see more.

  2. TM says:

    That is great news. Do you have other opportunities for other investors?

    • dwdirwin says:

      Thank you so much for your interest but we do not have any other opportunities for other investors at this time. We really appreciate the support from our friends of the winery.

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