It’s Time To Show Our True Colors…


We are experiencing a pivotal change in the vineyards right now.  The grapes are changing color from green to red or green to gold, they have stopped growing in size and the sugars are starting to accumulate in the berries.  This process is called veraison.  Veraison is the original French term for this process, one that is not used widely outside the wine realm as evinced by the auto-correct of my computer- it gives their “version” of what the word should be.  When veraison reaches 80%, meaning 80% of the berries have developed their “true color” we go through and remove the fruit that is predominantly unchanged or is imperfect in any way- this is called fruit drop.  By removing any imperfect clusters, we gain a more uniform harvest, resulting in a higher quality wine.

Veraison is also a signal that long hours and hard work are right around the corner, i.e. the start of harvest.  It is a time to start preparing physically by setting up the bins and equipment as well as mentally.  Typically, from the onset of veraison, we have 30-45 days to the start of harvest.

Like to see what versaison looks like for yourself?  Plan a trip to Naggiar during these last golden days of summer and help us count down to harvest!


About dwdirwin

Wife of Naggiar Vineyards winemaker Derek Irwin, mother to 4 active kids and one dog and newbie blogger!
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