Wine By The Numbers: things you may or may not want to know

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People love numbers.  Even a math-phobe such as myself finds number facts, like how many animal shapes are in an Animal Crackers box (18), fascinating.  In case you have the misfortune of not being able to visit Naggiar in the near future for all wine by the numbers answers (and maybe a little wine tasting as well), I have addressed many of the questions we get in the tasting room here in this post.

Let’s start large and go down from there.
Here at Naggiar, we farm almost 60 acres composed of 4 white varietals and 16 red varietals.
In general, we get between 3 to 5 tons of grapes per acre, depending on the varietal.
One ton of grapes produces around 150-180 gallons of wine which makes 62-75 cases.
In barrel format,  we get 6-10.5 barrels of wine per acre.
Each barrel holds 60 gallons of wine.
The barrel makes 25 cases of wine.
A case of wine is 2.4 gallons of wine and I’m sure you’ve all noticed that a standard bottle of wine is 750 ml.
Breaking all of that down, it takes 2.2 to 2.6 pounds of grapes to create one bottle of wine.

If you enjoy your glass of wine unencumbered by thoughts of calories, you may want to stop reading here, turn off the computer and enjoy that glass of premium Naggiar wine.  For those that enjoy a little math and have a passing curiosity as to the caloric content of a glass of wine, I have one more number factoid for you.  There is a simple method of determining the approximate number of calories in a glass of wine- multiply the alcohol percentage, by the number of ounces you are drinking, by 1.6.  So for example, if you are drinking a very generous 8 oz glass of Sangiovese that has a 13.8% alcohol, you will have consumed 176 calories- not so bad for a very large glass of wine.

We’d love to see you here at Naggiar, where you can see those numbers at work.  We welcome any other questions you have as well.  As for calories, any small amount you imbibe from tasting can be easily worked off dancing at one of our fabulous evening events.



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