Just another wine club ….

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Type “How many wine clubs are there in the United   States” in to your trusty search engine and … you won’t get an answer. At least nothing concrete; just vague references to the existence of “hundreds of clubs”. Traditionally thought to have begun in the early 1970s, wine clubs are now popular and present at almost all wineries in the U.S. – and all over the world as well.

Which begs the question … why join another wine club – and more specifically, why join the Naggiar Wine Club?

Now there’s a question we can answer. With a resounding … Why not!!

Here’s the easy part. As a Naggiar Wine Club member you will receive:

20% off bottles of wine. That’s a savings of between $4.00 and $10.00 per bottle on the wines you know and love – any time, all the time – except when other  promotional discounts may apply. (which we’ll get to in a minute)

20% off glasses of wine. That’s for the very few who can restrain themselves to only a glass of wine. (We promise not to hold it against you.)

25% off cases of wine. That’s an exponential savings of  $48.00 to $120.00 on 12 or more bottles of wine purchased at one time.

20% off gift items in the Tasting Room. This one is easy – 20% off all that bling you can’t wait to get your hands on.

How do you like us now?

But wait! There’s more … now comes the really fun part … Other exclusive savings, discounts, and offers. Yippee!!

Further case discounts, holiday case specials (second case half off? The answer to holiday party libation and gift giving dilemmas!), daily/weekend specials in the Tasting Room … the list is endless – we make it up as we go along! Creativity is a beautiful benefit to you.

Entertainment and event discounts … our live music Tributes are quickly becoming local legends. Wine Club members receive lower priced tickets.  Additionally, members can purchase tickets prior to the general public and receive  priority in terms of invitations to on-site wine education and entertainment events.

Now what do you think about joining the Naggiar Wine Club? Still have a few nagging doubts? Here goes …

You have choices – express your individuality! Red wines only … white wines only … mix in Reserve wines … 2 bottles, 4 bottles, heck – go for 6 bottles per release … have it shipped to you or let us hold it until you are out of Naggiar wine and desperate for your fix. No worries – we’ve got it all covered.

Let’s make this next point very clear …

There is no cost to join the wine club – you simply agree to pay for the wine you will receive each time there is wine club release – approximately 5 times per year. (Why approximately? If we can release more wine, we might do that. However if supplies are limited, we can not release wine that we do not have available.)

Of course you can cancel at anytime – but would you really want to?

You see, it’s not just another wine club …


About Mary Naggiar

Passionate about the family business, Naggiar Vineyards, and the family. I love everything wine, and a good sense of humor.
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2 Responses to Just another wine club ….

  1. Linda Turner says:

    Have been a wine club member for a long time. My first tasting was at Mike and Diane’s house!

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