Starting Spring Break


Alas, the vines have beaten me to spring break.  While mine starts at the end of this week- Saturday evening to be precise- the vines have been whooping it up for the last week or so.  If you are offended by pictures of vines letting it all hang out during their spring break (i.e. bud break) you might want to turn off your computer- it may get graphic.


This is our Viognier in bud break.  We are 2-3 weeks ahead of schedule, which, on the upside, means an earlier-than-normal harvest, but on the downside, a longer time that the vines are vulnerable to frost.  If the weather keeps up, this has the potential to be a really good harvest.


Speaking of frost, this is our Sangiovese planted near Mike’s house at the top of the hill.  As it is planted on higher ground, it is not in the frost danger zone- think, heat rises, and thus, the cool air falls to the lowest part of the property, where we have a sprinkler system in place to help combat the lower temperatures.  There can be an 8 degree temperature difference between the highest and lowest parts of the property.


Bud break on the Tempranillo


Gratuitous cute canine picture.  Jessie making like the cows and buffalos on the property and grazing.  And no, it’s not pretty picture on the way back home to Napa.

And that’s it, our version of Vines Gone Wild- Spring Break Edition!


About dwdirwin

Wife of Naggiar Vineyards winemaker Derek Irwin, mother to 4 active kids and one dog and newbie blogger!
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4 Responses to Starting Spring Break

  1. But where are the pictures of the buds doing jello shots and beer bongs on the beach?

  2. Great photos! Now only if we could get Spring to make an appearance out here!

    • dwdirwin says:

      I would like to be able to bring it with us when we visit NC and DC next week for our spring break, but the forecast is saying that ain’t gonna happen. I think we’ve had like only one week the whole winter where the high’s were below 60 degrees so the cold weather will be a shock to us. On the upside, I get to wear a new pair of boots I got this winter since it hasn’t been cold enough here!

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